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Presidential Seals

President and VP Seal Coloring Pages

These are the seals of the President of the United States and the Vice President of the United States. You may also like… Capitalization Worksheet Part 2 D-G Coloring Pages H-K Coloring Pages L-R Coloring Pages

Hand shaped organizer

The Handy Hand

This blank hand could be used for art projects, sequencing five events, the 5 W’s and How, and more. You may also like… 8 Events Sequence Organizer Christmas Tree Sequencing Notes Form Sequencing Ladder Blank Timeline

Large Printable Letters

Print and color then post on the wall as art. Click thumbnails for individual letters. You will find the entire alphabet available for download at the bottom of this post. There are 26 pages in all. Download the entire alphabet....

surfer coloring page

Summer Surfer Coloring Page

Have fun coloring this summer beach scene. You may also like… Snowman Christmas Coloring Page Summer Journal and Coloring Page S-U Coloring Pages Celebrate Earth Day Coloring Page