Category: Teacher Forms

Reading Page Log

Students use this form to keep track of the books and pages read. There is space for 15 entries. One idea is to have students log the pages read at the end of every week. You may also like… Weekly...

Large Printable 2010 Calendar

Plan the new year with this calendar. This file contains 12 pages – a new page for each month. You may also like… Colorful Printable Monthly Calendar Printable Calendar Maker Word Calendar for November Word Calendar for December

Printable Calendar Maker

This program creates printable calendars. Choose from vertical or horizontal layout by clicking on the thumbnail image.    You may also like… Colorful Printable Monthly Calendar Large Printable 2010 Calendar Weekly Planning Calendar Printable Mazes

Hall Pass Form

There are six passes here. Students can be given a few per quarter or semester. What they don’t use can be turned in for extra credit. You may also like… Free Homework Pass English Extra Credit Opportunities Late Assignments Form...

Late Assignments Form

Students attach this form to all assignments turned in past due. It has space to explain the reason for it being late. There are two per sheet. Suggested use is to have students staple the completed form to any work...