Accept Except Worksheet

Accept – to take or receive; to agree or consent to; to regard as true; to believe
Except – excluding; not including; with the exclusion of

  1. Come over anytime __________ during dinner.
  2. Everything was stolen __________ my teddy bear.
  3. He was __________(ed) into the club in a secret ceremony.
  4. I will __________ this award with pride.
  5. In the end, they had to __________ that they were wrong.
  6. It was an easy class __________ for the final exam.
  7. She hoped the university would __________ her.
  8. That behavior is not __________(ed).
  9. The lights worked everywhere __________ in my room.
  10. We added all the ingredients __________ the butter.
  11. We were all ready to go __________ my sister.
  12. Sometimes it is difficult to __________ the truth.