Capitalization Worksheet Part 2

This worksheet starts with five basic rules and then provides 10 questions for practice.


1. Only capitalize north, south, east, and west when writing about specific locations in the country
• I lived in the South for three years.
• Go south at the old farm house.
2. Capitalize the titles of people in high national office
• The President of the United States spoke to the graduating class.
3. Capitalize a person’s title if used in place of their name
• Will you please come here, Mother?
• Good morning, Doctor.
4. Capitalize the major words in titles
• Romeo and Juliet, All Quiet on the Western Front
5. Capitalize words referring to God.

Directions: Triple underline each letter that should be capitalized. Put a slash through each letter that should not be capitalized.

  1. Go south on highway 5.
  2. The president of the country grew up in the south.
  3. My two favorite books are lord or the flies and catcher in the rye.
  4. I was walking in the north end of town when I saw the secretary of state.
  5. The North is known to be colder than the south.
  6. The President of our book club suggested we read joy luck club.
  7. It must have been god’s way of saying, “son, be careful.”
  8. Hawaii and Alaska are the Western most parts of the United States.
  9. My Uncle gave us tickets to the play at the theater on the North end of town.
  10. This year we will read to kill a mockingbird and tale of two cities.