Circle the Verb

Find the main verb and circle it.

  1. Buddy gave the ball to his younger brother.
  2. We should not play outside while it is raining.
  3. My next door neighbor ran a marathon.
  4. My cousin likes to sell Girl Scout cookies.
  5. Jimmy, will you hand me the pencil?
  6. Walking across the street requires great care.
  7. I like to throw rocks into the pond.
  8. Elephants use their trunks like hands.
  9. Put the ball in the basket.
  10. I gave my baby brother a pat on the head.
  11. Baking bread makes the whole house smell good.
  12. I enjoy sleeping on the beach.


  1. gave
  2. play
  3. ran
  4. sell
  5. hand
  6. requires
  7. throw
  8. use
  9. put
  10. gave
  11. makes
  12. enjoy

2 Responses

  1. Andy says:

    I think the answers to 11 and 12 are wrong.
    Number 6 should be “requires; 11 should be “makes;

    ” “walking
    ” “baking” is a gerund.
    Number 12 should be “enjoy;” “sleeping” is a gerund here also.