Complete Sentences Exercise

A sentence must have a subject (the doer) and a verb (the action). Without both, the sentence does not express a complete thought, and it is a sentence fragment.

Identify each as fragment or complete.

  1. The mouse in the corner.
  2. The last thing I had to do.
  3. Angel read last night.
  4. Over the hills and through the woods.
  5. They took out the trash today.
  6. In hope of a better life, they set sail.
  7. His last words to his grandpa.
  8. The faster Kelly walks.
  9. Over a month to make the homecoming float.
  10. Greed overtook the senator.
  11. By the garden in the rain.
  12. The tall grass grew.
  13. She prepared for the soccer game.
  14. Computers help students.
  15. Two times last week.
  16. He ran.
  17. Rain on the golden hills.
  18. Smelling the scent of fear.
  19. The last thing I remember.
  20. A box arrived in the mail.

4 Responses

  1. Annie Denham says:

    I am doing some of the exercise on line,but I will need to see the answer key also to compare my answer to.

    • Admin says:

      Right now, the only keys I have are posted along with the questions. I’ll try to get a key posted for this Complete Sentences Exercise soon. Anyone is welcome to post a key in the comments too.

  2. Joy Glick says:

    Key to this Fragments vs Complete Sentence:
    1. Fragment
    2. Fragment
    3. Complete
    4. Fragment
    5. Complete
    6. Complete
    7. Fragment
    8. Fragment
    9. Fragment
    10. Complete
    11. Fragment
    12. Complete
    13. Complete
    14. Complete
    15. Fragment
    16. Complete
    17. Fragment
    18. Fragment
    19. Fragment
    20. Complete

  3. Yvette Norton says: