Verb Phrases and Helping Verbs

Verbs phrases are a combination of helping verbs and main verbs.

  • The dog has been chasing cars all morning. (Helping verbs: has been. Main verb: chasing)
  • Charlene may go to the movies. (Helping verb: may. Main verb: go)

Helping Verbs
Be     Am    Is     Are    Was     Were    Being     Been
Have    Has     Had    Do    Does    Did    May    Might
Must    Can    Could    Shall    Will     Should    Ought    Would

Underline the helping verb once and the main verb twice.

  1. We could have saved more money.
  2. The tide was creeping in.
  3. Mike will ride in the back seat.
  4. The water has been running all morning.
  5. The player could not hear the coach.
  6. It might be a long wait.
  7. Selma would have stayed out of the rain.
  8. The morning is looking beautiful.
  9. Weddings can be expensive.
  10. Underwater divers are sifting through the remains of the old ship.
  11. Those strawberries may have been the sweetest ever!
  12. Tonight should be more fun than yesterday.
  13. Friday’s game may have been the best one of the year.
  14. The batter did trot around the bases.
  15. Ron is being sent to Denmark on business.

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