Category: Graphic Organizers

Book Critique Template

This form gives students a chance to say how they felt about a book. You may also like… Book Review Prereading Questions Classroom Library Book Checkout Form Character Study Organizer

Reading Page Log

Students use this form to keep track of the books and pages read. There is space for 15 entries. One idea is to have students log the pages read at the end of every week. You may also like… Weekly...

Character Development Worksheet

As students read a story they look at how they learn about the characters. What clues are given that help them get to know the characters? This form helps students focus on and analyze the four ways in which an...

Cognitive Dictionary Vocabulary Builder

This vocabulary builder has students write the word, predict the meaning, find the actual meaning then draw a quick symbol to help remember the meaning. You may also like… Vocabulary Organizer Vocabulary Boxes Vocabulary Sketches Flashcard Template Vocabulary Memorization Cards

The Difference Between Summarize and Paraphrase

This worksheet explains the difference between summary and paraphrase then provides space for practice at the bottom. You may also like… The Difference Between Mood and Tone The Difference Between Fact and Opinion Cornell Notetaking Cornell Notes Template

Process Grid Analysis Form

Students use this form to analyze an event by writing a description, the effects and results of the event and any other interesting facts they find while researching. You may also like… Fish Bones Story Analysis Form Key Facts Note...

See Hear Observation Graph

For this organizers students are given a topic, and after brainstorming, they make lists of what they would see and hear while observing or participating in it. They could practice using sensory detail in writing, write from a character or...