10 Journal Topics

  1. What do you think of people who use profanity in public?
  2. Is it better to give or to receive?
  3. What if your house caught fire? What would you take with you? Put these in order of priority: your pet, your iPod, photo album, your English textbook, necklace from grandma, and favorite piece of clothing.
  4. Last night I awoke to a bright beam of light coming in my window… (finish the story)
  5. Pretend you were captured by aliens and taken to their show-and-tell. How would you describe earth to his class?
  6. Would you rather live in another era (time period)? Explain.
  7. The Mysterious Items
    It is pouring rain outside; you’ve had a long day. After pouring a cup of tea, you wrap yourself in a blanket to settle in for the evening. Suddenly, there is a soft knock on the door. You open the door and no one is there. On the ground you see three items: a paper bag with something in it, a key, and a phone number written on scrap of paper. Who left them and why?
  8. You and your family are on vacation and you decide to visit the hotel gift shop. As you browse the aisles, you look across the store and see a man put something into his jacket. You are the only one to see the theft. Do you tell anyone? Explain what you would do?
  9. Write the beginning of a short story titled “The Reflection in the Window.”
  10. Describe a travel experience you have had.