12 Thought Provoking Prompts

New Year Journal

  1. Would you rather have a job that you love that pays an average wage or a job you dislike that pays a lot? Explain.
  2. Explain how to tie your shoes.
  3. Give a detailed explanation of how to make your favorite sandwich. (Pretend your reader has never made a sandwich before.)
  4. Explain how your daily life would be different if you did not have the Internet, a phone, or video games.
  5. Describe the best class you have taken and what made it so good.
  6. Explain how to tell time.
  7. What will cell phones be like in 10 years?
  8. Explain how to play your favorite video game? (Pretend your reader has never played the game before.)
  9. What would the ideal school be like?
  10. Imagine you could meet your favorite historical figure. Write 10 questions you would ask him or her.
  11. What is the most influential invention of all time? Why?
  12. Consider all of the technology available today. Now imagine that you lived in 1985. Describe what your day would have been like in 1985.