It's World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day is on March 21. The purpose of the Day is to promote the study of and the publishing of poetry throughout the world. In celebration of World Poetry Day, how about writing a poem? Here are 20 topics to help get started:

  • Pretend you are a bird
  • Brushing your teeth
  • Getting a bad grade on a test
  • The first day of spring
  • What it’s like to be your dog
  • The simple act of sitting alone in your room
  • Your best friend’s laugh
  • The sounds of the ocean
  • Chocolate, pizza or your favorite food
  • Pretend you are a baby
  • Something that scares you
  • Your favorite movie or book
  • The time you won something
  • A time you were lost
  • The sunset or sunrise
  • The excitement of your favorite holiday
  • The feelings and needs of the homeless
  • What you are most passionate about
  • Write a poem about how you love poems
  • Write a poem about World Poetry Day

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