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Beginning Writer

Beginning Writer’s Art Journal

To use: print several copies then fold the pages in half and create a simple journal booklet for beginning writers. Each page will have a picture with a caption/journal entry below. You may also like… Beginning, End Story Summary Sheet...

7 Earth Day Writing Topics

Write a list of 8 ways you could use less water. Write a short letter convincing your friends to use less water. Write a list of 8 ways you could use less electricity. Draw a poster promoting Earth Day. Include...

Ways to Recycle Journal Page

Ways to Recycle Journal Page

What are some ways you can recycle? Use the space inside of the recycle symbol to journal about recycling and conserving resources. You may also like… Color Recycling Symbol Poster Bottles and Cans Recycle Bin Sign Recycle Plastic Bottles Sign...

Yellow Flower Stationery Page

World Poetry Day 2011

Poets write about everything from falling in love to the sight of a beautiful sunrise to seeing a bug on a lady’s hat. Since today is World Poetry Day and next month is Poetry Month, now would be a good...

Story Starter Generator

Dynamic Story Starter

Use this tool to help come up with creative writing topics. Click the buttons for setting, character and conflict suggestions. If you don’t like the suggestions, click again. Maybe you’ll use the idea or maybe it will stir up an...

Values Journal Topics

These topics are aimed at helping students: identify what is valuable to them, prioritize values, and see things from someone else’s perspective. Describe a person you admire. If you were your teacher, how would you treat you? Describe how you...

Open Mind

Open Mind

Students draw and write their feelings and responses to quotes or discussion topics. You may also like… 14 Fun Summer Journal Topics Graph Paper Pattern Worksheet End of the Year Letter Personal Response Journal Topics