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Spring Word List Using Wordle

8 Ideas for Using Wordle in the Classroom

Wordle.net creates these colorful, attention grabbing graphics from word lists you supply. This wordle image was created from a list of springtime words, but there are many possibilities. Here are a few suggestions for using word clouds in the classroom....

Critical Reading Questions

Careful reading involves asking questions. Use this worksheet to answer the questions Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How as you read. You may also like… Interactive Bookmark for Critical Reading Prereading Questions SQ3R Reading Comprehension Form Aesop’s Fables Reading...

Vocabulary Organizer

Write the word, synonyms, antonyms and associations. In the associations box put pictures or concepts that help you remember the definition. You may also like… Vocabulary Word Definition Form Vocabulary Boxes Vocabulary Sketches Flashcard Template Vocabulary Memorization Cards

Cause Effect Tree Chart

Explore the consequences of an event by writing the cause in the box near the roots of the tree. Then write the effects in the boxes in the branches. This could be used in history, science or with the events...

Cursive Alphabet Letters

Print these large cursive handwriting pages, then tape them together to make an alphabet letters banner. You may also like… Big Alphabet Letters Large Printable Letters Blank Handwriting Practice Sheets Rearrange the Letters

Big Alphabet Letters

This file contains 13 pages with all 26 letters. Print these pages, then tape them together to make an alphabet letters banner. You may also like… Cursive Alphabet Letters Large Printable Letters Rearrange the Letters Lowercase Letters Coloring Worksheets

Puns for Teachers

A backward poet writes inverse. Using a broken pencil is pointless. A chicken crossing the road is poultry in motion. The school calendar’s days are numbered. He had a photographic memory which was never developed. Those who jump off a...

Character Compare Contrast Graphic Organizer

This is a Venn diagram comparison organizer for a story character and a student. On the left side, write characteristics for the main character in the story. On the right side, writes characteristics for the student. In the middle, write...