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Aesop’s Fables Reading Comprehension #1

The Fox and the Grape Reading Comprehension This story from Aesop’s Fables is followed by reading comprehension questions and the answer key. You may also like… Aesop’s Fables Reading Comprehension #2 Aesop’s Fables Reading Comprehension #3 Aesop’s Fables Reading Comprehension...

Word Calendar for December

This December calendar is in Word format so it can be edited and used year after year. You may also like… Word Calendar for November 2013 Calendar September 2011 Back to School Calendar 2009 Calendar

Classroom Gift Certificate

Classroom gift certificates can be used for many things including: extra credit, hall passes, homework exception, etc. You may also like… Classroom Management Procedures Hall Pass Form English Extra Credit Opportunities 40 Ways Teachers Motivate Students

Thanksgiving Writing Prompts

What is happening in this picture? Use your imagination to tell a story about this turkey chasing the boy. What would you say if you were asked to pray at Thanksgiving dinner? Imagine you are a turkey. What would you...

Thanksgiving Word Search

Find 30 Thanksgiving related words in this word search. You may also like… Christmas Word Search Earth Day Word Search Halloween Word Search Christmas Tree Shaped Word Search

Thanksgiving Turkey Acrostic Poem

Use the letters of the word “Thanksgiving” to write an acrostic poem listing the things you are thankful for. You may also like… Christmas Acrostic Poem Thanksgiving Word Search Thanksgiving Writing Prompts Bio Poem Template

Theme Worksheet

Finding evidence of themes throughout the book helps students read more carefully and gives them a better understanding of a novel’s most important concepts. This graphic organizer provides space for finding quotes for two of the themes in a book....

What Are You Thankful For?

Draw six pictures of things you are thankful for. Then use the page to share with a friend or the whole class. You may also like… Think Pair Share Horizontal Timeline 8 Events Sequence Organizer Thanksgiving Turkey Acrostic Poem