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Two column chart with lines

Two Column Chart

This form can be used for Cornell notes, cause and effect, a flowchart and more. You may also like… Blank 2 Column Notes Form Three Column Chart Four Column Chart Blank 3 Column Notes Form

Interrobang Classroom Poster

The Interrobang‽

The interrobang is a non-standard punctuation mark that combines the ! and ?. It is used when the writer wants to convey both a question and exclamatory remark in one. For example: “He ran for how long‽” “They ate how...

Character Details Graphic Organizer

Character Details Organizer

Keep track of the characters in the story using this character organizer. In each row you’ll write the character’s name, a physical description, personality type/qualities, role in the story, and an important quotation. There is space on the first page...

Blank 4 Column Notes Form

There are many uses for this four-column form – Analyze a story in four parts (exposition, rising action, climax, falling action), four parts to a process, four character descriptions, or take notes from general to specific. You may also like…...

Small Blank Bingo Cards

Here is sheet of small blank bingo card for eight games of bingo. You may also like… Big Blank Bingo Card Blank Bingo Cards Template Blank Handwriting Practice Sheets Get to Know You Bingo Ice Breaker

Big Blank Bingo Card

Download this large blank bingo card for reviewing math concepts, vocabulary, playing get-to-know you games and more. You may also like… Blank Bingo Cards Template Get to Know You Bingo Ice Breaker Birthday Card from Classmates Birthday Card from Classmates...

5 Paragraph Essay Checklist

This checklist will help students organize their papers before turning them in. Organization Does the length of the paper meet assignment expectations? Introduction Does the introduction have an interesting hook? Does the introduction provide an appropriate amount of background information?...

10 Beginning of the Year Journal Topics

These reflective writing topics require students to think about the past year while preparing to set goals for the year ahead. How did you grow socially this past year? How did you grow academically this past year? What did you accomplished...