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substitute teacher lesson plan form

Substitute Lesson Plan Form

This is a form for teachers to leave substitutes lesson plan instructions. It has space for the substitute to leave comments about the different parts of the lesson plan. You may also like… Substitute Comment Form Parent Contact Form Late...

Interactive Theme and Motif Poster

This group project has students create a interactive poster to depict one motif and one theme of a book. The interactive part is the hard part. Students must make something on the poster move. Display on a poster board the...

no ipods classroom sign

Put Away iPods Sign

This is a helpful classroom sign to remind students to keep iPods in their backpacks. You may also like… Turn Off Cell Phone Sign Bottles and Cans Recycle Bin Sign Recycle Plastic Bottles Sign Toss Your Trash Sign

no phones classroom sign

Turn Off Cell Phone Sign

This is a classroom sign to remind students to turn off their cell phones. You may also like… Spanish No Cell Phones Sign Put Away iPods Sign Bottles and Cans Recycle Bin Sign Recycle Plastic Bottles Sign

Write Your Own Didactic Literature

Your assignment is to write your own didactic literature. Didactic literature is literature that instructs the reader. Writers teach lessons about how to live a moral life. They give their views about what is right and good, focusing on such...

late missing work form

Late or Missing Work Form

Communicate with parents about a student’s late or missing assignments. Send this home and have parent sign to keep them informed about late or missing work. You may also like… Late Assignments Form Make Up Work Form Parent Contact Form...

Ways to End the Semester

This is a list of ideas for end of the semester/year activities. Stand at the door and shake each student’s hand. Tell them you were glad they were in your class and you wish them luck next year/semester. Have students...

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Watch the How the Grinch Stole Christmas cartoon and follow the plot structure. Students will illustrate the story plot structure on this storyboard form. The story is a perfect Christmas classic and it follows the: introduction, rising action, climax, and...