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Keep Calm and Raise Your Hand

Keep Calm and Raise Your Hand. Use this classroom poster to help keep order in the room. You may also like… Keep Calm and Stop Texting Keep Calm and Read On The Handy Hand 5 Smiley Signs for the Classroom


Keep Calm and Read On

Keep Calm and Read On. Print this classroom poster to encourage daily reading. If you have seen these Keep Calm posters but aren’t sure what they are, go to knowyourmeme.com for info on the background. You may also like… Keep...

How Not to Use a Thesaurus

In this episode of Friends, Joey Tribbiani wants to write a letter, and he is attempting to sound smart by using a thesaurus. In the process, however, he creates an incomprehensible mess. Lesson: Use the most concise, fresh and original...


Here are some examples of hyperbole: My potatoes are swimming in gravy! It’s so cold that the polar bears are wearing jackets. I’ll be ready in a second. He is as old as the hills. He has a ton of...

Blaise Pascal

Writing Concisely

Concise writing involves focusing on one idea at a time and eliminating unnecessary words. Sometimes writing less is more. Here is a little exercise in writing concise sentences. Seventeenth century French mathematician, physicist, inventor and writer Blaise Pascal observed how...


2012-2013 Three Month Calendars

These 2012-2013 three-month calendars are in Word format. Each file represents three months and has space for notes. Aug/Sept/Oct 2012 Nov/Dec/Jan 2011-12 Feb/Mar/Apr 2013 May/June/July 2013 (.doc files) You may also like… 2011-12 Academic 3 Month Calendars 2011 Three Month...

Short Story Overview

Short Story Overview

Plan a short story with the setting details, point of view, characterization, genre, and a graph of the plot. You may also like… Story Plot Graph Story Plot Terms Notes Mapping Your Story Predict and Review Form for Short Stories