English Extra Credit Opportunities

2 Ways to Earn Extra Credit
Have students earn extra credit by submitting funny words of the day and by finding film clips that relate to the reading in the class.

Funny Word of the Day

I like words of the day, but I want them to be funny words. If you contribute a word of the day you can earn 2 extra credit points.

  • Fill out a note card with your name, date and period
  • Also put the word, the part of speech and the definition
  • The word must be appropriate, sound funny or have a funny meaning
  • Put the note card in the box on the filing cabinet
  • The maximum extra credit you can receive with this is 6 points.

Movie Clips

If something that we are reading reminds you of a movie, you can bring it in and earn extra credit points. The requirements are:

  • The clip must relate to a theme, symbol, archetype or otherwise relate to what we are doing in class.
  • The clip must be G, PG or PG-13. No cussing, violence or suggestive behavior.
  • The clip must be no more than 10 minutes.
  • You must provide the DVD and know the exact location of the clip
  • I need to be able to keep the DVD a week.
  • It is first come first serve – I will not give the extra credit twice if someone suggests a clip before you.
  • If your movie clip is accepted, you will earn up to 10 extra credit points in the participation category of your grade.
  • The amount of points earned depends on the quality and relevancy of your clip.