Is It Fact or Opinion

In both reading and writing we often need to be able to tell the difference between fact and opinion. In writing we often make factual statements and support them with opinion. When reading it is important to know if a statement should be taken as fact or if the writer is merely providing opinion about the topic.

  • Facts – Statement that can be proven true or false. Note that they are not necessarily true statements. Instead they are statements that can be measured or observed. One could make a factual statement and later learn that it was false.
  • Opinion – Statement that cannot be proven true or false. Opinions express feelings or judgments.

Identify each as fact or opinion. Always ask yourself, “Can this be proven true or false?” If the answer is yes, it is a fact. If it is no, it is opinion.

  1. Strawberry ice cream is better than chocolate.
  2. 5 plus 5 equals 10.
  3. It is hotter today than yesterday.
  4. I like the way that smells.
  5. A dog is man’s best friend.
  6. This homework is hard.
  7. I am allergic to peanuts.

Remember, you are not concerned about if the statement is true. Instead focus on if the statement can be proven true or false.

  1. Baseball is the best sport.
  2. The United States shares a border with Canada.
  3. Everyone in this class loves to write.
  4. The Angels are the best team in baseball.
  5. Eating out is usually more expensive than eating at home.
  6. It is too cold in here.
  7. A Republican won the election.
  8. This color looks good on me.

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