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Vocabulary Table

Weekly Vocabulary Table

This weekly vocabulary organizer has space for the vocab word, part of speech, and the definition. There is room for 20 words on each page. You may also like… Vocabulary Boxes Vocabulary Word Definition Form Vocabulary Sketches Flashcard Template Vocabulary...

Character study worksheet

Character Study Organizer

With this get to know you activity students have the opportunity to tell about their likes, dislikes, and aspirations. More ideas: Interview a neighbor or write from the perspective of a character in their book. You may also like… Character...

Daily Reading Log

Daily Reading Log

Help students keep track of their reading by filling out this chart with the number of pages read, date read, genre and space for comments about the pages. You may also like… Reading Page Log Weekly Reading Log Reading Strategies...

SQ3R reading comprehension form

SQ3R Reading Comprehension Form

This organizer helps students with reading comprehension. SQ3R stands for Survey, Question, Read, Retell, Review. First, survey or preview the selection. Second, write questions that arise. Third, read the selection and write what was learned. Fourth, retell or summarize what...

Storyboard form

Storyboard With Six Boxes

A simple storyboard form can be used to retell a story’s main events, plan before writing a story, plan for a film, and much more. Print two sheets and copy back-to-back for longer stories. You may also like… Storyboard With...

Story plot graph

Story Plot Graph

With this organizer students can picture the rising tension in the story while placing the events of a story in correct sequence. You may also like… Story Plot Terms Notes Big Idea Story Organizer 8 Events Sequence Organizer Map the...

Story plot terms

Story Plot Terms Notes

Introduction (exposition), rising action, climax, falling action, and denouement are all defined on this graph. You may also like… Story Plot Graph Blank 4 Column Notes Form How the Grinch Stole Christmas Map the Story Organizer

Characterization bubble cluster

Characterization Bubble Cluster

This organizer helps students analyze a character by what other characters say. You may also like… Character Development Worksheet Characterization Table Character Analysis Graphic Organizer Double Bubble Venn Diagram