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Outside Observations Journal

Nature Observations Journal

This form encourages students to get outside and observe nature. Use this page to draw a single specific scene focusing on one area of interest. There is space to log the time, date and location. The bottom half is used...

Beginning Writer

Beginning Writer’s Art Journal

To use: print several copies then fold the pages in half and create a simple journal booklet for beginning writers. Each page will have a picture with a caption/journal entry below. You may also like… Beginning, End Story Summary Sheet...

Hand shaped organizer

The Handy Hand

This blank hand could be used for art projects, sequencing five events, the 5 W’s and How, and more. You may also like… 8 Events Sequence Organizer Christmas Tree Sequencing Notes Form Sequencing Ladder Blank Timeline

Graph paper pattern page

Graph Paper Pattern Worksheet

Not just for math. Students can draw a positive/negative chart, rate their experiences and feelings toward topics, or create Cubism drawings or patterns. You may also like… One and a Quarter Inch Square Graph Paper Faux Facebook Profile Worksheet See...


Why Are They Called Impressionists?

This is the painting that gave rise to the Impressionist movement in the late 19th century. This painting by Claude Monet is dated 1872. Its subject is the harbour of Le Havre in France, using very loose brush strokes that...