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3 Main Idea Wheels

The main topic goes in the middle and the details go in the space surrounding. There are three different options here. Main Idea Wheel – 4 Space for four details. Main Idea Wheel – 6 Space for six details. Main...

Cornell Notes

The main ideas go on the left and the details go in the larger box on the right. You may also like… Cornell Notes Template Tips on Using Graphic Organizers Part 2 Four Square Notes Cornell Notetaking

SQ3R Reading Comprehension Form

This organizer helps students with reading comprehension. SQ3R stands for Survey, Question, Read, Retell, Review. First, survey or preview the selection. Second, write questions that arise. Third, read the selection and write what was learned. Fourth, retell or summarize what...

Storyboard With Six Boxes

A simple storyboard form can be used to retell a story’s main events, plan before writing a story, plan for a film, and much more. Print two sheets and copy back-to-back for longer stories. You may also like… Storyboard With...

Characterization Bubble Cluster

This organizer helps students analyze a character by what other characters say. You may also like… Character Development Worksheet Characterization Table Character Analysis Graphic Organizer Double Bubble Venn Diagram

Characterization Table

Chart five different ways in which we learn about the main character. You may also like… Characterization Bubble Cluster Character Development Worksheet Character Study Organizer Character Analysis Graphic Organizer

Blank 2 Column Notes Form

There are many uses for this two-column form – Cornell notes, two sides of the argument, cause and effect… You may also like… Blank 3 Column Notes Form Blank 4 Column Notes Form Two Column Chart Three Column Chart