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Map the Story Organizer

Map the significant details in the story by charting the setting, characters, conflict and climax. You may also like… Big Idea Story Organizer Setting and Character Development Worksheet Story Plot Terms Notes Story Web Reading Form

Story Web Reading Form

This form helps students map the setting, characters, problem and solution of a story. You may also like… Reading Response Form SQ3R Reading Comprehension Form Story Prediction Form Map the Story Organizer

Reading Response Form

Use this reading response form to help keep track of the number of pages read. It has a place to write a literary device (or devices) and explain how it is used in the section. Suggested use is to use...

Question Mark Organizer

This question mark shaped organizer has space to write the Who, What, When, Where, Why and How of a story or issue. You may also like… Mark Twain's Quotes on Education Big Idea Story Organizer Imagery Eye Observation Organizer Map...

Prereading Questions

Before reading, students can fill out this form to stir interest in the story and better understand what they will read. This was made for fictional stories but can easily be adapted to work for chapters in a history or...

Book Critique Template

This form gives students a chance to say how they felt about a book. You may also like… Book Review Prereading Questions Classroom Library Book Checkout Form Character Study Organizer