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Short Story Overview

Short Story Overview

Plan a short story with the setting details, point of view, characterization, genre, and a graph of the plot. You may also like… Story Plot Graph Story Plot Terms Notes Mapping Your Story Predict and Review Form for Short Stories

Summarizing Graphic Organizer

Summarizing Graphic Organizer

Summarize and organize the important events and plot elements in a story. You may also like… 8 Events Sequence Organizer Sequence Graphic Organizer Tips on Using Graphic Organizers Part 1 Story Plot Graph

Mapping Your Story

Mapping Your Story

Take notes on the setting and important plot developments with this story mapping worksheet. You may also like… Story Plot Graph Story Plot Terms Notes Map the Story Organizer Short Story Overview

Story plot graph

Story Plot Graph

With this organizer students can picture the rising tension in the story while placing the events of a story in correct sequence. You may also like… Story Plot Terms Notes Big Idea Story Organizer 8 Events Sequence Organizer Map the...

Story plot terms

Story Plot Terms Notes

Introduction (exposition), rising action, climax, falling action, and denouement are all defined on this graph. You may also like… Story Plot Graph Blank 4 Column Notes Form How the Grinch Stole Christmas Map the Story Organizer

Characterization bubble cluster

Characterization Bubble Cluster

This organizer helps students analyze a character by what other characters say. You may also like… Character Development Worksheet Characterization Table Character Analysis Graphic Organizer Double Bubble Venn Diagram

Characterization chart

Characterization Table

Chart five different ways in which we learn about the main character. You may also like… Characterization Bubble Cluster Character Development Worksheet Character Study Organizer Character Analysis Graphic Organizer

Hand shaped organizer

The Handy Hand

This blank hand could be used for art projects, sequencing five events, the 5 W’s and How, and more. You may also like… 8 Events Sequence Organizer Christmas Tree Sequencing Notes Form Sequencing Ladder Blank Timeline