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three-month calendars

2015 Three Month Calendars

+-*These 2015 three-month calendars are in Word format. Each file represents three months and has space for notes. Jan/Feb/Mar 2015 Apr/May/June 2015 July/Aug/Sept 2015 Oct/Nov/Dec 2015 (.doc files) You may also like… 2014 Three-Month Calendars 2011-12 Academic 3 Month Calendars...

13 One-Liners by Steven Wright

+-*Comedian Steven Wright has a unique comedy style. He asks questions and makes observations most people never think of. Here is a sample: I don’t walk my dog anymore. I walked him all at once. I was walking through the...

Four Column Chart

Four Column Chart

+-*This form with four columns and seven rows can be used for a variety of note taking and sequencing tasks. You may also like… Three Column Chart Two Column Chart Tips on Using Graphic Organizers Part 2 Blank 2 Column...

Three Column Chart

Three Column Chart

+-*This form can be used for a KWL chart, sequencing events, cause/effect… You may also like… Four Column Chart Two Column Chart Blank 2 Column Notes Form Blank 4 Column Notes Form

Two column chart with lines

Two Column Chart

+-*This form can be used for Cornell notes, cause and effect, a flowchart and more. You may also like… Blank 2 Column Notes Form Three Column Chart Four Column Chart Blank 3 Column Notes Form

Interrobang Classroom Poster

The Interrobang‽

+-*The interrobang is a non-standard punctuation mark that combines the ! and ?. It is used when the writer wants to convey both a question and exclamatory remark in one. For example: “He ran for how long‽” “They ate how...

Character Details Graphic Organizer

Character Details Organizer

+-*Keep track of the characters in the story using this character organizer. In each row you’ll write the character’s name, a physical description, personality type/qualities, role in the story, and an important quotation. There is space on the first page...

Blank 4 Column Form-thumb

Blank 4 Column Notes Form

+-*There are many uses for this four-column form – Analyze a story in four parts (exposition, rising action, climax, falling action), four parts to a process, four character descriptions, or take notes from general to specific. You may also like…...