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A large collection of journal topics, story starters, reading log forms, and resources for teaching writing.

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12 Thought Provoking Prompts

Would you rather have a job that you love that pays an average wage or a job you dislike that pays a lot? Explain. Explain how to tie your shoes. Give a detailed explanation of how to make your favorite...

10 Beginning of the Year Journal Topics

These reflective writing topics require students to think about the past year while preparing to set goals for the year ahead. How did you grow socially this past year? How did you grow academically this past year? What did you accomplished...

Summer Journal and Coloring Page

Here is a fun page for coloring and writing about a trip or summer adventure. You may also like… 14 Fun Summer Journal Topics Summer Surfer Coloring Page Snowman Christmas Coloring Page Earth Day Globe Coloring Page

Summer Journal Writing

14 Fun Summer Journal Topics

Explain, in an entertaining way, how to skip a stone across a pond. Write a how-to guide to having an incredible summer. Use the following words in a summer related story of 200 words: sun, freedom, ride, run, slide, laugh,...

Outside Observations Journal

Nature Observations Journal

This form encourages students to get outside and observe nature. Use this page to draw a single specific scene focusing on one area of interest. There is space to log the time, date and location. The bottom half is used...

Abraham Lincoln Quotes

Witty Abraham Lincoln Quotes

Read six of Lincoln’s witty quotes, and then write one to two sentences explaining the meaning of each. You may also like… Perfect Paragraph Happiness Perfect Paragraph Hard Work Perfect Paragraph Moderation Quotes for Journal Writing

Beginning, End Story Summary Sheet

Similar to the Beginning, Middle and End Story Summary Sheet, young writers use this page to write sentences summarizing just the beginning and end of the story. You may also like… Beginning, Middle, End Story Summary Sheet Beginning Writer’s Art...

Beginning, Middle, End Story Summary Sheet

Young writers use this page to write sentences summarizing the beginning, middle and end of the story. It could be a story they have read or one the teacher has read to them. You may also like… Beginning, End Story...