Ways to End the Semester

This is a list of ideas for end of the semester/year activities.
  1. Stand at the door and shake each student’s hand. Tell them you were glad they were in your class and you wish them luck next year/semester.
  2. Have students gather all major papers and other work and put them in folder in chronological order. Add a table of contents and a review page. The review page should evaluate the work noting positive and negative aspects of the work.
  3. Write a letter to incoming students. The letter should give advice on how to be successful in this class, how to plan study time, how to get along well with the teacher, explain any potential problem areas in the class, what to look forward to, and overall encouragement to the newbies.
  4. Have students fill out a course evaluation form. The form may start out like this: I am curious to know what you took away from this year. Everyone learns differently, so I try to incorporate a variety of activities. Some you may have connected with and others not. Below is a list of some of the activities and projects we did. What did you think? Rate each on a scale of 1 – 10. (Provide a list 5-10 major projects or areas studied during the semester)