Beginning of the Year Ice Breakers

On a note card tell me a little about your interests.
Include the following:

Name and Period
-Band / artist
What are you looking forward to this year?
What are you dreading this year?
Briefly tell about an adventure you have had.
Summarize your philosophy on life?
Do you have any questions for me?


In a one page response, answer these questions.

What activities did you like in your middle school English class?
What did you dislike?
What should you do differently this year to make yourself a better student?


Student Info and Survey

1.What is your name?
2.What is your phone number?
3.What is your email address?
4.What is your favorite subject? Why?
5.What is your least favorite subject? Why?
6.What do you plan to do next fall?
7.How many siblings do you have?
8.How long have you been going to this school?
9.Where were you born?
10.What hobbies do you have?
11.What is your favorite book?
12.Are you involved in any sports or activities outside of school? What are they?


Identity Poster:

On the front of an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper include your name and period. Also include a picture, and a quote that you identify with. You may create a collage. The quotes may be your words, famous words, song lyrics or anything else appropriate for school. These will be posted in the room.


Meet your classmates and get the autograph of someone who…

1.Moved in the last year
2.Has won a first place award
3.Has a unique hobby. (what is it?)
4.Has a red car
5.Is a video game addict
6.Likes College A
7.Likes College B (rival school)
8.Is an artist
9.Can’t draw to save his life.
10.Is the middle child
11.Is a morning person
12.Has traveled to another country
13.Wants to be a teacher
14.Wants to be a business person
15.Is an introvert
16.Loves reading