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there their they're worksheet

There, Their, and They’re Worksheet

There, Their, They’re
Directions: Write the correct word on the line.
1. Sadly, it is obvious that ________ the worst team in the league.
2. I always say, “________ is no better time than the present.”
3. I hope ________ are no nuts in this cake.

Interrobang Classroom Poster

The Interrobang‽

The interrobang is a non-standard punctuation mark that combines the ! and ?. It is used when the writer wants to convey both a question and exclamatory remark in one. For example: “He ran for how long‽” “They ate how...

It's and Its Practice Worksheet

It’s is a contraction of the words it is. If you prefer not to write it is, you would write it’s. Its is the possessive form of it. Normally one uses an apostrophe when showing possession. The rule for pronouns,...

Complete Sentences Exercise

A sentence must have a subject (the doer) and a verb (the action). Without both, the sentence does not express a complete thought, and it is a sentence fragment. Identify each as fragment or complete. The mouse in the corner....

Further vs Farther Practice Exercise

Farther refers to distance Further refers anything else other than distance and the continuation of something. It usually means in addition to or moreover Sometimes, however, the words are interchangeable, for example, when the idea of distance is unclear as...

Words That are Both Nouns and Verbs Worksheet

Some words can be both nouns and verbs depending on how they are used in the sentence. In the following sentences, underline the nouns and circle the verbs. We went to camp at the top of the mountain at the...

Homophones Worksheet

Homophones are words that sound the same but have different meanings and are spelled differently. Here are some examples: You may also like… Complete Subjects and Predicates Worksheet Parts of Speech Practice Your You're Worksheet Complete Sentences Exercise

Accept Except Worksheet

Accept – to take or receive; to agree or consent to; to regard as true; to believe Except – excluding; not including; with the exclusion of Come over anytime __________ during dinner. Everything was stolen __________ my teddy bear. He...