Capitalization Practice Surfing Paragraph

Directions: Underline three times the words that need to be capitalized and put a line through the letters that should not be capitalized. There are 25 mistakes.

The evolution of Surfing

Nobody knows when, or precisely where, surfing originated. captain cook, a british Sea Captain and explorer, was the first European to witness surfing in hawaii in the late 1770s.

When the Missionaries from scotland and germany arrived in 1821, they discouraged hawaiian surfing because they believed it was displeasing to god. By the 20th century, surfing, along with other traditional practices, had all but disappeared.

At the start of the 20th century, a revival of Surfing began. duke kahanamoku, “Ambassador of aloha”, Olympic medalist, and avid waterman, helped expose surfing to the world. Author Jack London wrote about the sport in his book the cruise of the snark.

Up until the 1960s, it had only a small following of dedicated participants. The film gidget helped popularize the sport. B-movies based on surfing and southern california beach culture formed most american’s idea of surfing and surfers. Surfing would soon spread to the east coast.

Surfing continued to evolve as a sport, and as a way of life to many. The evolution of Board design, techniques and the presence of competitive surfing have kept surf culture vibrant and intact.