The Interrobang‽

The interrobang is a non-standard punctuation mark that combines the ! and ?. It is used when the writer wants to convey both a question and exclamatory remark in one.
For example:

  • “He ran for how long‽”
  • “They ate how many hot dogs‽”
  • “That video game destroyed how many of your brain cells‽”
  • “A sneeze travels how many miles an hour‽” (About 35-40 mph)

Since it is a non-standard punctuation mark students would not use it in a formal paper for class. It is still a fun fact to know.

Interrobang Classroom Poster

Assignment: Like the examples above, have students write silly, creative sentences using the interrobang.

How to: To type the interrobang in Microsoft Word use the Wingdings 2 font and type ]
Keyboard showing the right square bracket

Download the printable poster of the interrobang mark.

Download PDF file