Lie Lay Practice Worksheet

Lie/ Lay/ Lain – to recline or to rest
Lay/ Laid/ Laid – to put something down

First decide if the sentence is describing someone reclining or putting something down. Then determine in what tense the sentence is written.

lie lay worksheet

  1. ________ the money on the table.
  2. Are they going to ________ the carpet in your house?
  3. Chris wondered who was ________ on the bench.
  4. He ________ on the beach all day today.
  5. He has ________ by the pool all week.
  6. He has ________ carpet for 10 years.
  7. He is ________ the carpet down right now.
  8. I ________ the book on the couch this morning.
  9. She ________ in bed until she felt better.
  10. That is a strange place to ________ down and take a nap.
  11. The dog has ________ in the sun for three hours.
  12. They ________ the carpet yesterday.
  13. They have ________ the groundwork for the new building.
  14. What good is it to ________ there?
  15. Yesterday, he ________ on the beach all day.
  16. You have ________ the sheets on that bed?