Using Nouns as Adjectives

Directions: Sometimes nouns are used as adjectives. Words that are usually nouns can help describe other nouns. Underline the nouns that are used as adjectives.

Ex: I think peanut candy is the best.
Peanut is usually a noun, but in this case it helps describe the type of candy.

  1. Make sure to throw the bottle cap in the trashcan.
  2. My dad’s car cover helps keep the rain off his nice car.
  3. We will need the paper towels to clean up the big puddle.
  4. Grandma’s flower garden has the brightest yellow flowers in the whole city!
  5. Willow is our gray house cat.
  6. Can you find the raincoat in the hall closet?
  7. I’m trying to make a sandwich, but I can’t find the jelly jar.
  8. We will set up the game in the living room on the craft table.
  9. Be careful not to spill your grape juice on the couch.
  10. I love the sound of grandpa’s wall clock.

Sometimes we make the adjectives and nouns into compound words like:

  • Footstool
  • Baseball
  • Homerun
  • Streetlight

Can you think of three more compound words?

  1. ___________________________
  2. ___________________________
  3. ___________________________