13 Halloween Writing Ideas

  1. While trick-or-treating, my friends and I decided to explore a dark street we had never noticed before. (finish the story)
  2. The best costume I ever wore was…
  3. My favorite Halloween was the time I…
  4. Tell a silly story about a ghost who wants to trick-or-treat just like kids.
  5. As I looked at the Jack-o-Lantern, it seemed to be looking back at me. Then…
  6. As I reached into the bag of candy, I thought I heard a voice saying, “Pick me, pick me!” (finish the story)
  7. Write a Halloween poem using the following words: bat, pumpkin, candy, spooky, night, orange, black, witch, scary, wind.
  8. Write a recipe for a magic potion. Next, explain what the potion would do if someone drank it.
  9. I was putting my Halloween costume on when I heard something moving in my closet. (finish the story)
  10. On Halloween night, while trick-or-treating we passed the cemetery. Suddenly we all felt a cold and spooky wind. (finish the story)
  11. What are your favorite Halloween treats? What is the best one you ever received?
  12. List all the Halloween costumes you have had in past years.
  13. Describe how to make a great Halloween costume using mostly supplies you have around the house.

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  1. Emily says:

    COOL IDEAS!!!!

  2. Samantha says:

    Hi Thanku FOR THIS i have trouble Doing writing and have to write a 2 page story By tommorow so This helped me alot.Thx

  3. amy says:

    I love your website so much it helps alot