Literature Groups Presentation

This lesson works to jigsaw short reading selections. It could be adapted for nearly any subject. I have used this in a literature class with readings from the anthology. Groups of 3 or 4 present while the rest of the class takes notes.
The Assignment
  • You will work in groups to become experts on some of the upcoming readings.
  • You will be assigned a section of literature on which you will become experts, and then you will share your knowledge with the class.
  • There will be 3 or 4 people per group.
  • The rest of the class is responsible for taking notes during the presentation

Note: In order to find enough information on your piece, you will probably need to do some research beyond what is in your textbook.

Each group is responsible for knowing and discussing the following with the class.

  1. Provide the class with a handout as a guide for your presentation and for taking notes. This should be 50% on the author and background and 50% on the literature itself.
  2. State the title and the author of the literature and give important background information on the author. Give students time to write this information on their notes handout.
  3. Read the poem or part of the piece out loud to the class.
    • Discuss the poem’s meaning.
    • Discuss the theme and tone of the piece (if applicable).
    • Discuss how the piece fits into the culture and the time period in which it is written.
    • If the piece is a poem, identify several literary devices in the poem.
    • If the piece is a story, give a brief characterization on one of the characters, including their thoughts and feelings.
  4. Create three quiz questions and provide the answers. Write your three quiz questions on the notes handout.
  5. Create a visual on which you write the main points of your presentation. Remember that the words should be big enough for students in back to read. In addition, create a visual that illustrates your piece of literature.
  6. On the back of the visual, write the author and title of your piece as well as the names of your group members and the tasks they preformed.

Use your creativity. Have fun. I want you to cover the information above, but exactly how you do that is up to you. If you want to use the computer for PowerPoint, if you need the overhead, or the VCR, let me know.

Grading: I will grade each person individually. Everyone should participate equally. I will grade your presentation on:

  • Effort – this includes: professionalism while presenting
  • Thoroughness – how well did you cover the items listed above?
  • Creativity and interest. How interesting was your presentation?

This assignment is worth___________ points

This assignment is due ___________