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Summer Journal and Coloring Page

Here is a fun page for coloring and writing about a trip or summer adventure. You may also like… 14 Fun Summer Journal Topics Summer Surfer Coloring Page Snowman Christmas Coloring Page Earth Day Globe Coloring Page

Summer Journal Writing

14 Fun Summer Journal Topics

Explain, in an entertaining way, how to skip a stone across a pond. Write a how-to guide to having an incredible summer. Use the following words in a summer related story of 200 words: sun, freedom, ride, run, slide, laugh,...


Shakespeare’s Insults

William Shakespeare’s language has remained rich, witty, modern and refreshing, even after 400 years. Watch this video for a closer look at Shakespeare’s language and to learn a few new insults. Take a look at this site that gives you...


Here are some examples of hyperbole: My potatoes are swimming in gravy! It’s so cold that the polar bears are wearing jackets. I’ll be ready in a second. He is as old as the hills. He has a ton of...

Blaise Pascal

Writing Concisely

Concise writing involves focusing on one idea at a time and eliminating unnecessary words. Sometimes writing less is more. Here is a little exercise in writing concise sentences. Seventeenth century French mathematician, physicist, inventor and writer Blaise Pascal observed how...

Short Story Overview

Short Story Overview

Plan a short story with the setting details, point of view, characterization, genre, and a graph of the plot. You may also like… Story Plot Graph Story Plot Terms Notes Mapping Your Story Predict and Review Form for Short Stories

Thanksgiving Writing Prompts

Thanksgiving Writing Prompts

What is happening in this picture? Use your imagination to tell a story about this turkey chasing the boy. What would you say if you were asked to pray at Thanksgiving dinner? Imagine you are a turkey. What would you...

22 Higher Order Thinking Questions

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” Do you agree or disagree with this quote? Explain. Do you believe in fate? Explain. Explain step-by-step how to tie your shoe. You may draw pictures. If you could have...