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Baseball Journal Page

Themed Journal Writing Pages

Three pages to write stories or journal. One page baseball themed, one page basketball themed and one page is scholar themed. You may also like… Halloween Creative Writing Pages Halloween Scary Story Writing Pages 3 Pages of Printable Lined Paper...

Facebook Worksheet Template

Faux Facebook Worksheet Template About Me

This facebook inspired worksheet is used to motivate and get to know students while providing them with space to tell about themselves. The three main questions in the center are: My Summer Vacation, What I’m Looking Forward to This Year...

7 Earth Day Writing Topics

Write a list of 8 ways you could use less water. Write a short letter convincing your friends to use less water. Write a list of 8 ways you could use less electricity. Draw a poster promoting Earth Day. Include...

Metacognitive Journal

Metacognitive Journal

Metacognition is “thinking about thinking.” Metacognition involves understanding how you came to learn something. Use this journal page to think about what you learned and how you learned it. This could be used at the end of a unit or...

Graph paper pattern page

Graph Paper Pattern Worksheet

Not just for math. Students can draw a positive/negative chart, rate their experiences and feelings toward topics, or create Cubism drawings or patterns. You may also like… One and a Quarter Inch Square Graph Paper Faux Facebook Profile Worksheet See...

Open Mind

Open Mind

Students draw and write their feelings and responses to quotes or discussion topics. You may also like… 14 Fun Summer Journal Topics Graph Paper Pattern Worksheet End of the Year Letter Personal Response Journal Topics

Coat of Arms Template

Coat of Arms

The coat of arms is a fun, creative way for students to share about themselves and their families. The four areas of the template could contain images and symbolic colors to represent personal beliefs, aspirations and accomplishments. This is a...