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Cognitive Dictionary Vocabulary Builder

This vocabulary builder has students write the word, predict the meaning, find the actual meaning then draw a quick symbol to help remember the meaning. You may also like… Vocabulary Organizer Vocabulary Boxes Vocabulary Sketches Flashcard Template Vocabulary Memorization Cards

Vocabulary Sketches Flashcard Template

This organizer has space for the word and definition as well as a box for a sketch to help students remember the definition. There is space for 9 words and definitions on each side. You may also like… Vocabulary Boxes...

Vocabulart Flashcards Lesson

VocabulART Directions Flashcards are to be done on 3×5 index cards. On one side of the card write the word and an illustration of the meaning. On the other side, write the definition. This involves creativity, but it is a...

Reference List of 28 Common Prefixes

A nice reference with the prefix, meaning and two examples. Prefix: bi Meaning: two Example: biped, biannual You may also like… Multiplication Table Reference Sheet Vocabulart Flashcards Lesson English Extra Credit Opportunities Literature Groups Presentation

How to Play Vocabulary Baseball

Divide the class into two teams. Identify a location in the classroom for first, second, third base and home plate. A batter from the visiting team comes up. The batter is given a definition and he or she needs to...